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BAXTER- BMD data and family relationships are well set out in this site My Scott's, Baxters, Bathgates & Grants . Photos of folk and locations, gravestones included.

Stop Press Some complications arise where Baxters married Baxters. My paternal grandmother's parents were both Baxters. Her Father's line goes back to a William Baxter - b:circa:1645 - the mother's linecomes to a halt with james Baxter - 1796-1841. Help please ! Iain Scott

BLAIR Visit John Blair's One Name Study on Blairs drawn from all over Scotland ,1550-1880. Also about his collaboration with the LDS in this work. -- John Blair

BURNESS Visit The Burness One Name Study -- John Burness

BURNETT To read a family story about Lighthouse Keepers around the Coast of Scotland visit The David Coull Burnett Page -- David Burnett

COULL To read about Quarter Master James Coull,and Captain David Coull who sailed from Montrose, visit The Coull Page -- David Burnett

CRUICKSHANKS for an overall view of this family name go to Go Cruickshanks Ken Cruickshanks

DAVIDSON & ARBUCKLE The Web Site for these families created by Patti Davidson-Peters is at This Link - contact Patti

MONIKIE , a large site which reviews the entire area, including Newbigging. WWW.MONIKIE.ORG.UK . write to the webmaster . This site also includes a large study of the STIRLING surname, and variants. See entry below.

PETRIE Norma Thain of Angus maintains a Mailing list at which is .The usual subscribing arrangements apply, insert "-subscribe" into the address after the "L", and put "subscribe" in the message heading. Norma Thain

RAITT Read about The Raitt Stuff. This covers many RAITT/RAIT/REAT/RHET families in Angus and the rest of the world. David Raitt

ROBBIE For details of "Scotland Robbie Genealogy" Visit Mark Robbie's Home Page -- Mark Robbie

ROBERTSON James Cooper - He trained as an engineer at Baxter Bros, Dundee,became Erection Shop Foreman,during one of many depressions in the jute trade in Dundee, he went to India in1875, and worked his way up to becomeManager of the Serajgunge Jute Mills, outside Calcutta. He was one of many Dundonians to make a career in the jute mills around Calcutta. He was never at home for the Census in Dundee! Jim Robertson's Home Page - go to Robertson Wanderings -- Jim Robertson

SCOTT - Family BMD data and relationships are well set out in this site - which includes pictures of people, locations, and gravestones. Visit My Scotts, Baxters, Bathgates, and Grants

Stop Press-my earliest lead is John Scott b: circa 1686. My Grandfather James Scott, 1860/1933, and his father - David Scott 1820/1870 - were wool merchants in dundee, then david Scott 1785/1849, and David Scottt 1755/1840 were weavers also in Dundee. Any help welcomed. Iain Scott

SKIRLING. The Owner has assembled a large study on this surname - including variants - SKIRLEN & SKIRLINE - This can be found at his "Monikie" Page.

SPANKIE A One Name Study covering Angus- offering help. Jenny Spankie

STIRLING. The Owner has assembled a very large study on this Surname , and it's variants, which can be found at his "Monikie" Page

TAMH-TAYSIDE A MARITIME HISTORY To learn allo about Tayside's hisorical links with the sea, seafarers, traders and merchants visit TAMH

WILSON - Bonnie William Wilson's Family Tree - the family of William Hartley Wilson & Margaret Williamson of Newbigging/Monikie, and Van Diemeens Land, Australia Bonnie William

WISEMAN/WYSEMAN A site of interest to all researching these names,also McKAY Wyseman & McKay Home Page -- John Wyseman-McKay

YULE Estelle Yule PRYOR has a One Name Study going - and her Web Page is Yules World-Wide -- Estelle Pryor

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Some Extra Family Details - related to "A-Z" page entries

ANDERSON Researching many ANDERSON threads around Arbroath. George b:abt 1800-20 m: Mary FERRIER
James Muir b: 1833 m: Agnes PATERSON
James b:1863 m: Mary Jane HADDEN
Agnes b:1892 m: robert DURIE
John b:1893 m: Janet ?
Maurice b:1894
Kate m:David BERWICK
Norah b:1900
The last five people were siblings of the researcher's Grandmother, Christina Drury Anderson who married Robert Troup. Gordon Troup

AYR/AIR John. b: 1807 Dundee, emigrated to Sydney, NWS in 1835. m:1837 @Sydney, Catherine SEYMoURof Sydney. He became licensee of the Dundee Arms public house, in Gloucester Street in the Rocks area of Sydney Cove.He held this license from 1837-1841, when he experienced financial problems in the 1839/40 period.John Air transferred his license to John Wright, and went to sea as a Mariner.

His Father John Ayr b: Dundee abt 1780 was a Mariner when he m: 1803, but was later noted as a carpenter at the ch. of his son John in 1807. The main thrust of this research is to identify the original owner/builder who named the Pub - The Dundee Arms. Jim Robertson

CHARLESTON HOTEL, GLAMIS Various BDM Certs, and Census reports indicate that this Hotel had been managed by the Findlay, and Alexander families from abt 1865, thro' to the 1930s. Simon Alexander

D'ALL Descendants of Robert D'All - and of son Alexander. George b:1875 m:1895 Jessie Gow ROBERTSON He killed in action, family of daughters emigrated to Canada. Samuel b:1876 m: 1900 Agnes Dryden SCRYMGEOUR b:1881 Hilltown Dundee, sons Alexander,(to Canada),James &William (to Hong Kong) Alexander b:1878 m:1900 Isabella BRUCE eldest son Harry Bruce D'ALL m: Helen KING went to Canada with son Harry King D'ALL Helen anxious to fill in gaps - were there other children of Robert and Mary? S.Davidson

DURWARD Heather is looking for info re ancestry of Mary Durwar, parents believed to be David DURWARD & Elizabeth MURRAY Heather

FORBES Further to William Wallings info - Robert FORBES b:1888 Auchinblae, Kincardine m: Mary CARNEGIE of Brechin d:USA - Upholsterer - had elder brothers David, and John clark, David living in Brechin 1943. Their Father William FORBESb:1855 m: 1877 Glasgow Annie CLARK:d:1901 Brechin. William's Father - David FORBESm:Mary SCOTT both d: before 1901. William Walling

HENDERSON Comprehensive listing of descendants of Robert in and around Goondiwindi, Qld held by Denis Moloney

KYD/KYDD/KIDD searching for info on any of the following - George E KYD Jnr m:1829 Cotton of Gardyne Agnes GIBSON ,George E Snr. m:1790 St Vigeans Margaret McLEISH, James KYD m:1723 Arbroath Jean SHEPHERD, William KYD m:1663 Dundee, Jean WEDDERBURN, David KYD m:1802 Inverarity & Methy Jean THORNTON, David KYDD m:1700 Carmyllie Mary KID, James KYD m:1765 Forfar Margaret DICKSON Charley Kyd

MacKENZIE John, of the Glen Shee MacKenzies. Married Elizabeth MacKENZIE dau of Donald Bain MacKenzie & Ann OGILVIE of Braemar, Aberdeenshire @ Dundee 1833 from the C of S - per St Andrew's RC Church Records. 4 chn baptised at St Andrew's RC Cathedral, Dundee.1833/1838 of whom only the last, Charles survived.He was born in Jan 1838, after his Father's death at sea during 1937. his Mother Elizabeth, John's widow, was one of 10 chn of her parents, who m'd:Braemar, 1803.Husband John was C of S, Elizabeth was RC. Anxious to research John's family particularly. Jane Liebzeit

PETRIE One Name research Project - Angus & all Scotland. database - 12,000 entries 1600s onwards.Census, Gravestones etc info for swap and collaboration. Norma Thain

SIMPSONMarriages of Henry SIMPSON"S Children.
Alexander m:Mary DICKINSON, James m:Jane GEEKIE, Elizabeth m:David FIFE,Andrew m:Charlotte PATTERSON,William m:Janet SIDEY, Agnes m:John BANKS. Andrew and James took their families to Canada. Norma Morrison

SOUTAR Children of David SOUTAR and Elizabeth WEBSTER of Forfar were : -
Elizabeth (1792-1866) m: 1816 Forfar, Chas PATULLO (1792-1871)Chas a Weaver, they had 9 children.
Thomas b:1794.
George (1796-1867) m:1824 Forfar Ann WHYTE He was Grocer & Tollkeeper, they had 9 children, lived Eassie & Nevay for a time.
Alexander (1798-1843) m:Forfar,Margaret PATERSON (1797-1846)He was a Mason, they had 7 children.
David (1801-65) unmarried, a Mason.
Mary (1804-66) m:1836 Forfar James GIBSON his 2nd wife. He was a Weaver, they had 2 sons.
John (1807-85) m:1837 Forfar Elizabeth LEYS no children. He was a Mason, who had an illegitimate son John, to Margaret ROBERTS b:1833 John jnr (1833-99) also a Mason.
Ron Soutar

SPANKIE Jenny Spankie runs a One Name Study, covering Angus - glad to help anyone. Jenny Spankie

SUTHERLAND The parents of Nicholas SUTHERLAND were Alexander amd Mary FINDLAY; his siblings wereAlexander b:1761, Hugh b:1762, Isabel b:1764, Mary b:1773, Patrick b:1775, and Elisabeth b: 1776?. He had 5 chn in KCD b: 1802-1807. He served in KCD Volunteers and Forfarshire Militia. He m: 1826 Edinburgh, Mary HENDERSON , emigrated to Canada 1832 & d:1844. Alec Sutherland

WARDEN Comprehensive lists of descendants of Alexander in and around Goondiwindi Qld held by Denis Moloney

WEIR Alexander - He farmed at Oathlaw, was the son of David /John WEIR and Jean REATT He married Catherine/Kathryn SMITH their children were baptised at Kirkton of Oathlaw (10 in all) Joan Beckley

WOOD James b:1781 Montrose - Recap from main entry -
son James m:Isabella , their son Robert Cook b:1842 ? d:1917 b'd Montrose, m:Agnes LUMSDEN b:1853 d:1923, b'd Montrose.
dau Isabella b:1814 St Cyrus, d:? Montrose.
dau Peggie Jeanie b:1816 Benholm,KCD,d:? Montrose
Dave Wood

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