Books about Dundee in the 20th Century

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Books about Dundee in the 12th to 18th Centuries

Books about Scotland, it's History, People, and Places

The pages which follow describe in outline some books from my collection which touch on the History, the People, and the Places in and around Dundee over the Centuries.I am also busy expanding the section highlighting books on my shelves, with an overall Scottish coverage.

My Father - Alec Robertson - apart from practising as a Consulting Optician was a busy local playwright, writer, and broadcaster. He often wrote scripts, and presented them on the BBC Overseas Programmes beamed to Scots overseas ,especially to those in Australia, Canada,and South Africa, which each had big populations of emigree Dundonians.He also had articles accepted by the Scots Magazine about local points of interest. As a result he collected together a good scatter of reference books about the Town, and Scotland generally, many of which I saved and now have with me in Australia.

Thanks to the New Books Section of the Scots Magazine ,I have been able to refresh, and expand my collection. I have also been fortunate in finding a Rare Book Dealer in NSW who specialises in old Scottish books, Antiquariat , from whom I have bought some real gems.

Some of the more recent reference books will be available through the Inter-Library Networks which operate around the world, and I have given ISBN refs where they exist. Some books predate the introduction of such refinements unfortunately.

I have sorted the books in each Page by date of Publication

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