The Tay Valley Bridges Members' Archive

A Collection of really valuable Guides from Members.

It has become apparent that we need to have a safe place where we can Archive Messages of Lasting value on a variety of topics - which we can all access, whether we have Yahoo IDs or not. This is the first step in this direction. We shall be setting up a small panel to review our messages regularly, and to recommend which should be Archived in this site. You can watch this Collection growing gradually, and we shall be making sure that all are alerted to additions as they are identified, and entered.

Whilst we try to assemble a panel of Advisers, or else rely on Originators, to recommend suitable messages for Archiving, groups of volunteers have put together freely accessible Web Pages to help us on our way. They are set out below.

Toolbox Hints for getting started in Scotland

This is a carefully structured range of Sites designed to take the less seasoned researchers progresssively through the major Scottish Genealogical resources available to us.

Be aware that almost all these sites are mentioned in the TV FHS Links Pages,see the Footers to each of our messages, and that they form much of the Scottish dimension to the wide range of International Links which we hold in our Yahoogroups Home Page Bookmarks.

An overview of On-line access to the BMD Indexes for England and Wales

David Robertson has helpfully drawn together a number of major resources, and highlighted their different features.

Notes on using the 1837online website for England and Wales.

This page has been created by David Robertson to help members use this relatively new facility with confidence.

Notes on using the FreeBMD website

This page by David Robertson will alert members to the increasing usefulness of the Free BMD site. FreeBMD has become a very powerful tool for many of us.

Some notes on Lancashire Free BMDs

written by Tony FOSTER of the Lancashire Family History & Heraldy Society. Some more very helpful information for us about the growing Free BMD area, within which this Society has been very active.

Scottish Religious Affairs

This Page has evolved from our new Folder of Links about the various parts of the Church which have evolved in Scotland over the years. More links would be welcome.

Our "Bookmarked" Canadian Resources

This Page has been dramatically enhanced during October '03.It lists the Canadian URLs , listed by Province and Territory. It is now very comprehensive.

Our Key Australian Sites & Guidance

This page sets out to explain the relationships in Australia between National, and State genealogical resources, so that our members can get started more confidantly.

Just a few Pointers to Research in the USA

This Page takes Cyndis List, John Fuller & Christine Gaunt's Lists as read, there are many excellent Guides to Genealogy research in the USA already !
We shall be concentrating on the recently launched Ellis Island Site, and the raft of NARA Sites covering every Region of the USA, where deeper information is held in Regional and State Archives.

Our initial Page also gives some guidance on Libraries and Archives in Australia, and in the UK, but these are badly in need of revision, and update! Beware - even tho the NARA WWW Links are bang up to date, the eMail addresses have not been checked and updated. Perhaps some of our American members could help here? That would be very welcome!

Post Script !

UK Census Dates

David Robertson has recently devised a Notation , acceptable to both Scottish and UK Authorities, for displayingthe dates on which Census returns were made dsuring the period 1841-1901. Here it is : -

1841 6th/7th June
1851 30th/31st March
1861 7th/8th April
1871 2nd/3rd April
1881 3rd/4th April
1891 5th/6th April
1901 31st/1st March/April
we hope that this table of dates will be helpful to members

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Page updated 10th July 2006

Page maintained by Jim Robertson who lives just north of Brisbane